10 Types Of Leather Handbags A Woman Should Own

It is virtually impossible to find a lady that doesn’t have a minimum of one handbag. A handbag isn’t just a thing you use to carry your stuff, but an integral part of your fashion look. Without a bag, you are incomplete, and your outfit isn’t just good enough.

Every handbag is worth your money and time. While some are so ridiculous that you feel more like a clown, some are so fantastic that they bring a total sense of completeness and wholeness to your dress sense. On a general note, outlined below are ten types of leather handbags that every woman should have in her collections.

  1. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are probably the handiest of all women handbags. They have a sleek yet stylish appeal, and can go over the shoulder, clutched or in your hand for a night out. Shoulder bags are easy to hold and are big enough to contain all of your necessities. The options for this type of handbag range significantly, so your choice is determined by your budget, personal style, and level of taste.

  1. Satchel bag

Satchel bags are perfect for all professional women. They combine the functionality of a laptop bag and an everyday handbag. And with this, you won’t have to carry two bags. Satchel bags can accommodate all your basics and gadgets. But make sure you invest in a brand that offers sturdy and functional quality bags. You can opt for a black satchel handbag or one in a dark brown or neutral colour to prevent stains from being easily noticed.

10 Types Of Leather Handbags A Woman Should Own

  1. Cross-body bag

The cross-body or sling bags reign supreme due to their endless usage options and the hands-free appeal. It is comfortable to wear, functional and stylish, and amazingly perfect for travelling, running errands and shopping. Available in different sizes and design variants, a good sling bag will allow you to move freely while keeping your items close. It has a well-built adjustable strap with a front flap that is easy to manoeuvre. Wear one across your body and forget about struggling to carry a phone, whole food paper bags, and other daily needs simultaneously. If you are looking to get one, make sure you opt for a cross-body handbag that is proportional to your body stature.

  1. The clutch Bag

Clutch bag is simply an elegant, classy, and a fantastic handbag option for all chic ladies. Available in different colours and styles, this is a kind of bag you can have fun. It is ideal for those periods you will only be going out for a few hours and do not need an oversized handbag. If you cannot do with a small clutch handbag, some brands offer clutches with multiple compartments so you can carry your essentials. Of course, a sequined clutch bag could be appealing on occasions. But mostly, you will want a handbag that is casual, easy to grab and that can elevate every evening look.

  1. Hobo Bag

If you are tired of the regular shoulder and tote handbags, a Hobo leather handbag can be an exciting addition to your collection. It is a shoulder style handbag, but not as wide as the real shoulder handbag. The crescent shape of the hobo bag makes it both casual and formal at the same time.

10 Types Of Leather Handbags A Woman Should Own

  1. The Weekender

If you see a weekender handbag as only for impromptu trips, you are entirely wrong. This handbag also functions as other types of handbag you need in your daily lifestyle. It can serve as a grocery bag, gym bag, diaper bag, and, of course, a carry-on bag that takes the place of your purse. The weekender bag is very spacious and can contain all of your items in one place – in style!

  1. A micro handbag

A micro handbag is also another type of handbag every lady should own. Usually reserved for a night out or weekend outing, this micro handbag with a big personality can accommodate your essentials, such as wallet, phone, keys, and maybe some lip balm and a stick of gum.

  1. Evening clutch

This small, fabulous handbag is timeless, versatile and does not go out of fashion. Appropriate for a wedding, night out or a date, the evening clutch handbag has a more classic, permanent appeal and blends effortlessly with outfits in your wardrobe. If you want a little bit of sparkle, you can choose one with a jewel on the clasp. Why wait until the time for that big, fancy event before you buy one? Get one in a neutral shade that blends with all your dressy looks.

10 Types Of Leather Handbags A Woman Should Own

  1. The Chic Tote

If you are a chic lady and does not own a tote handbag, then your collection is incomplete. Available in different design variants, it is an ideal work bag that looks polished and professional. Whether it is your laptop, office files, water bottle, small makeup bag, wallet, tablets, phone, and everything in-between, a tote handbag can accommodate them all. Even if you are not carrying too many items, you can still get a lightweight tote handbag. With a wide range of colour to choose from, you won’t have to worry that your bag does not compliment your fashion outlook.

  1. Quilted Bag

If you want to invest in handbags and do not own a quilted handbag, do not hesitate to get one immediately. The bag will amp up your overall looks plus adds to your fashion statement. Fashion Americano has one of the best-quilted handbag options, and an investment like this will go far.

10 Types Of Leather Handbags A Woman Should Own – Final thought

When it comes to leather handbags that a woman should own, your options are incredibly limitless. Is there a particular handbag you are dreaming of getting for some time now? Kindly let us know through the comment box below.

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